I started as a family owned business over 20 years ago.  I have attended plenty of events and captured lots of famous faces. Such of Ice Cuben Nate Dogg, World Renowned Dr. Peter Farrell, James Kellogs-Hynotist, News Caster Kimberly Hunt, Magic Johnson and the list goes on. I am the Ex. Preslident and Founder of the Urban Photographer's Association of San Diego. I have worked with News papers like the Voice & ViewPoint, LA sentinel and have freelanced for magazines like PEOPLE, Johnsons Publication and The San Diego Monitor. I also, shot photos for California Track & Field Magazine. Our staff is dedicated to giving you great customer service as well as serving all your photographic need. Planning your company party? Take advantage of our holiday special.  "Our Studio Is Moble" with free studio set-up.  Now we have expanded into a "well organized major business", with the Highest Standards Of Professional Quality.  Call for and appointment and ask about our rates. 


Business:   Email:  laurtlewis@cox.net




Laurence Thorns-Owner/Photographer

              April Hill

Vice President/Designer